How to have the American Dream AND European Lifestyle!

You’re a Modern Woman & You’ve got a Modern Problem:

You’re Stressed Out!

adrenal burnoutYou’re a professional woman, a business owner, or an entrepreneur—passionate, driven, high achieving and successful… but are you running yourself into the ground?

I’ve got good news for you…  Your success doesn’t have to come at the expense of your health… or putting your life constantly on hold. But to live longer, happily, you need to take action—now.

I’m here to show you how YOU can be successful in your career and savor your life as well.

As a Stress-free Life Expert and Adrenal Fatigue Coach, I’m here to be your inspiration, guide, and mentor as you become healthy, energized, and empowered. I want you to reach your full potential, accomplish your mission, while living your best life ever!



Now Is the Time for Action


  • You’ve finally decided enough is enough; it’s time to learn how to deal with stress
  • You want to rediscover your energy and vitality
  • You want to live life more fully, and with better health, but don’t know how to get started
  • You’ve tried millions of diets, but you just can’t stay on track
  • You want to take a more natural approach to your health and wellness
  • You want to look and feel younger by exuding health and happiness
  • You’re a woman who wants to feel sexy and attractive
  • You’ve noticed Europeans spend a lot more time living and want a piece of the action! It’s time to learn how to be stress free!

Get Healthy, Get Happy, Get Empowered!

Athletics has coaches. Business has coaches. So why doesn’t life have coaches? We could all use a little help and support taking it to the next level. Here’s how I can help you.



Stressed Out, Overworked, and Burned Out?

Many of us live like we’re invincible, but we are not. Stress is taking a toll on our health, our youth, and our beauty, and sabotaging our relationships and our futures. I know how easy it is to get lost in this fast-paced world and to forget to take a moment to breathe. I know.

Don’t wait for the wakeup call…

You don’t have to struggle. You don’t have to feel perpetually exhausted, sleep deprived, and unable to enjoy life. Get-renewed_2

You can live a life of joy, ease, and purpose. I’ll help you:

  • Transform your relationship with stress
  • Stay focused on balanced nutrition, not just for a few weeks but for LIFE
  • Overcome chronic stress and recover from adrenal fatigue naturally
  • Discover natural energy boosters and live a healthy, vibrant life.



Overwhelmed and Over-Scheduled? 

Losing Your Passion and Drive?


Success is not about running yourself into the ground… Taking care of you is essential to your success.

It is when you are well rested and refueled that you’re at the peak of your performance, creativity, and focus.

Only when you’re relaxed can you gain deeper insights and have clarity to make sound decisions.  Only when you set healthy boundaries and recharge your inner resources can you be more efficient and productive and have better rapport with colleagues, which in turn can lead to financial success.

When you’re in touch with your deepest desires, passions, and visions—you tap into your highest potential, inspire others to support your mission, and bring about the fulfillment you crave. Kristina_Simpson_success_without_stress

  • Stop the brain fog—get your clarity and focus back
  • Boost your moodheal your relationships
  • Learn how to achieve incredible success without sacrificing your health or your life
  • Get support to help you stick to your goals and stay accountable, keeping you on track on your path to success



Are You Waiting to Start Living?

Putting Your Life On Hold and Delaying Your Own Happiness?


Do you keep repeating to yourself, “One day I’ll make it! One day I’ll be there!”?  Notice if your mind is tricking you with guilt: “You should be working. You’re wasting your time.”

Remember—when you feel “busy” all the time, you can’t really enjoy life, nor appreciate the people you love.

Notice when you learn to slow down, you’re more in tune with your intuition, you’re more in touch with your feminine flow—life become effortless and easy. You open up space for love, joy, and understanding

Europeans would tell you, there is more to life than working all the time… What if you were able to take long vacations, be more relaxed and adventurous? Would your life become more enjoyable?

Kristina_Simpson_enjoy_lifeThere is no better guide to stress-free living than someone who knows the European way of life

  • Let’s design your desired lifestyle so you can live more fully, deliciously, and abundantly and with better health.
  • Allow me to show you how to slow down, stay connected, feel attractive and sexy all over again, and start enjoying life.
  • Let’s create a plan to help you get where you want to be.



Welcome to Your Life In Full Color!


If you’re longing to live a better-quality life but don’t have time to research how to get there—or don’t know how to put your research to work for you—I can help. With tools, tips, and insights from my life experiences, world travels, and coaches I’ve had over the years, I’ll help you define your ultimate goals and desires, develop consistent, strategic milestones with you, and help you attain them.

 Be True To Yourself And Live Your Values.

Savor Your Life.

Embrace Your Vibrant, Juicy, Interesting, And Fulfilling Life, Rich With Amazing Experiences.

Be Connected To Others And To What Truly Matters To You.

Be Stress Free!