7 keys to staying motivated to eating healthy

Staying motivated can be a real challenge… for all of us. You might be wondering what you can do to help you succeed and not get derailed from your goal of eating healthy.

So… you got fed up with diets. You’ve discovered that they don’t really work. Yes, you lose weight, but then once you are done with your diet, you gain it all back and more. Diets are a temporary solution, anyway…

The fact is, you want to lose weight, but most importantly—you want to keep it off.  You want to have more energy.  You want to feel better

Maybe you’ve been doing some research lately and you’ve learned that it’s really about the lifestyle

Finally, you decided to eat healthy. You started cooking!

But then you see a box of freshly baked doughnuts at work, and you feel soooo tempted to have a bite, and then another one….

And you know what it means—that deadly combination of refined sugar, white flour, and trans fats… Aside from being super unhealthy, it means—belly fat!

doughnut_7 keys to staying motivated to eating healthy

But before THAT happens, right after you eat your “treat,” you feel the sugar crash, you feel sluggish, you can’t focus, and you have to have a cup of coffee. Of course! You’ve got to be productive at work.

By the way, did you know that doughnuts are one of the worst foods that you can possibly eat? Check this article out!

And then the next day—a box of chocolate chip cookies is on your desk…

So what could possibly help motivate you to stay on track?

Here are the seven keys to staying motivated to eat healthy that work for me:


7 keys to staying motivated to eating healthy

1. Get inspired

One of the best ways to find inner motivation is through inspiration. It’s that inner desire, the “I want to…” that drives us for the new vision of the future self.

Notice when it happens—you read a magazine, or maybe you watched someone on TV and… you got inspired!  Become more aware of what fires you up:

What was it that you were highly resonating with?

Was it a person, the message, the idea?

What gives you that feeling of “oh, I want to be like her…” or “I want to try that!”?

I feel inspired when I see healthy, vibrant women, especially if they’re older than me but they look so good, so sexy, and attractive—they’re radiating health. I get inspired when I go to women’s wellness conferences, watch health documentaries, read holistic health blogs, or watch transformational stories—people turning their lives around.

* What inspires you?

7 keys to staying motivated to eating healthy

2. Get clear about your goals

So what exactly are you planning to do to eat healthier?

Does it mean you’ll stop buying processed foods?

Or maybe you’ll be eating out less and cooking more, so you can control what’s in your food?

Does it mean you’ll start buying more organic food?

Does it mean you’ll be more mindful and relaxed when you have a meal, rather than eating when you’re in a rush, stressed out, or distracted by watching TV or reading Facebook posts?

All these factors affect your metabolism, and your satiety, you know…

* What’s your plan? Be specific.

7 keys to staying motivated to eating healthy

3. Educate yourself


Knowledge is power…

For me, it’s essential. I don’t do things until I understand why I need to do them. My motivation fades unless I understand what following through will do for me.

I’m all about having more energy and feeling well. This is because when I feel good and function at my optimal level, I get to accomplish more and be more productive; I feel more inspired to create things, connect with people, go out and explore the world.

For example:

* I’ve learned that in order to have more energy I need to eat more greens—chlorophyll-rich plants.

* I’ve also learned that the best way of taking in more greens is making green smoothies. Eating salads is not enough!

* I’ve learned that juicing veggies or making smoothies makes them easier to digest, which means my body will use less energy digesting food and I’ll have more energy for me!

Yes, I can be a little bit obsessed with my research—I have a curios mind—but it’s such a great motivator. I love finding out all the secrets that could possibly help me live a better, higher quality, and more enjoyable life for many more years. And most importantly, I’m a health coach—I do research to be able to help my clients and support them on their journeys.

* What about you? What resources are you using to learn more about healthy eating?

To find out about the rest of the keys to keep you motivated to eat healthy, please continue to Part 2.

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