Now, that you’ve learned the first three keys how you can stay on track eating healthy food that’s not only good for you but also delicious, let’s dive in and find out the last four keys.  And… just in case you’ve missed the Part 1 of this blog post, please click here.


4. Visualize the end result


We think in mental images. Here is what experts advice: envision yourself doing it—eating super healthy.

7 keys to staying motivated to eating healthy_visualizeWhat does the new you look like?

How do you feel when you eat nutrient-rich, healthy, delicious food?

Do whatever it takes to “see the vision of the future you” on a consistent basis.

Put up Post-It notes with affirmations.

Create a vision board.

Actually, I found an even more effective way to work on my subconscious mind: I use iMovie to create short videos with uplifting photos, music, and words. I play them on my smartphone every morning. It works. I’m starting to attract more of what I want!

* What visualization technique are you going to use every day, starting today?


5. Surround yourself with health-minded people 

I recently returned from a trip to NYC where I attended business training for holistic coaches.  7 keys to staying motivated to eating healthy

Just imagine the power of so many nutrition experts and health-conscious people in one big room. Can you imagine what it’s like to be around people who are all about health and wellbeing? It’s contagious! You bounce off each other’s healthy ideas… When you see someone drinking green juice instead of diet coke, you start thinking, “Oh, maybe I should do that too”…

Don’t know anyone who is into health? Your family and friends are not supportive?

What if you strike up a conversation with people at your local health food store or farmers’ market? If you live in a bigger city, most likely you have meetup groups in your area. Check them out.

Do anything that would inspire and motivate you to keep up your good, healthy habits.

I love cooking with my friends and trying out new healthy recipes. I also enjoy cooking with someone I’m in love with… It’s such a great way to build intimacy. But that’s another article…

When you’re with your friends or your loved one, support each other in eating what’s good for you both.

* What can you do to keep you in the zone?

* Who can you connect with who is into health?


6. Be accountable


Information can only get you so far…  you’ve got to take some action every day in order to form a new habit.

If you’re struggling, find someone to be accountable to, perhaps your spouse, life partner or your friends. Do whatever it takes, even if it means hiring a professional coach. It’s so well worth it because it will propel you in getting the results that you crave.

Be patient with yourself. It takes a daily effort to rewire your brain. According to a new study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology–on average it takes 66 days (more than two months) before the new behavior becomes automatic.

* Who did you decide to be accountable to? 


7 keys to staying motivated to eating healthy_savor

7. Do it because you love it


If it feels like a duty, you’ll resent it. Don’t do it because you “have to”. You don’t have to do anything… You have a choice!

And if you indulge in something “bad,” enjoy!

Because… if you feel guilty—it will just make things worse. As long as you keep your indulgences to a minimum, and have something just every now and then—it’s totally fine.

Here is my European advice to you:

It’s not about depriving or guilting yourself. It’s about treating yourself, and allowing some pleasure… Because when you feel good, you don’t need to stuff yourself with food to make yourself feel good anymore. Treat yourself to good stuff!

Do you want to experience more joy? What would make your tastes buds explode with pleasure? Experiment. Find foods that are good for you and taste delicious too.

* What is your favorite healthy meal to make?


And… the Bonus Key!

Find your reasons for staying healthy


Answer your “why” question:staying motivated to eating healthy_why_question

Why do you want to eat healthier?

Why is it important to you?

What does it provide for you?

And if you were healthier and had more energy, what would that provide for your spouse, your kids, your family?

Your reason for being healthy is the most important key to your motivation!

Write it all down. Journal about your “why.” Keep those reasons in mind when you’re making your food choices. Every time you remember your “why,” you’ll notice how you start making better choices.


I hope you enjoyed learning more about staying motivated to eat healthy. Now it’s time for action! Go and start implementing one simple change that you have decided on for the next 66 days using the seven keys you’ve learned today. Can’t wait to celebrate your new fabulous results with you soon!

Please share your ideas and comments with us. What is one new healthy eating habit you’re about to change today?


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