The holidays… The time of the year when we’re supposed to experience more joy and inner peace and open our hearts to sharing more love…

However, no one is surprised when the holiday chaos sends us into the overwhelm zone—when you start feeling your chest tightening and your stomach clenching. Suddenly, you feel anxious and exhausted just anticipating the stress of preparing for social gatherings, long car rides to visit family, too many events to attend, and the extra financial burden of showing love in a tangible way.


Take a few slow, deep abdominal breaths to stop the stress reaction from escalating. Relax. Focus.

I’ve got great news for you—stress is optional!

Yes, you read that right, stress is optional.

This article is my holiday gift to you to help you get through December and have easy-breezy-holidays.


7 Tips to Rock Your Holidays Without Stress


1.  Feeling overloaded, overextended and over-committed?

The secret to cutting holiday stress: Just say “No.”

We tend to overload ourselves with inherited traditions, even when they no longer fit into our busy lives—how about starting your own traditions?

Say “No” to lots of other demands, too, including party invitations that don’t entice or a whopping gift list that you know won’t be valued. Nothing saps the holiday spirit like having to run around and buy gifts you don’t have time to shop for, you can’t afford, or nobody really needs anyway.


2.  You know how we tend to stress ourselves out? It’s no secret that we do it to ourselves quite a bit. The truth is—it’s normal. It’s subconscious. So, no need to blame yourself for it—that only sucks you back into the cycle of negativity. The key is to notice when you get triggered and stop the reaction right away by taking a few deep breaths.

There is a different way of approaching the holidays—sometimes it comes from a decision not to worry, or a decision that you don’t have to do it all by yourself, or a decision to say no to some things. The reward? People will like you and love you more when you’re relaxed instead of irritated. Plus, you’ll like yourself more.

What if you focused more on what would make you feel better? Yes, right this moment. How about a cup of delicious hot chocolate with a dash of cinnamon?


3.  Rethink your priorities—what is it that matters to you the most—and engage in those things.

Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Hold that intention every day.

Remember, it’s the holidays—do things that you love and enjoy. Choose to do it because you want to, not because you have to.


4.  Dealing with family tends to bring up the deep-seated issues—you may get triggered. The secret is not to take things personally. Most likely, whatever is happening has nothing to do with you. What others do or say is a projection of their own reality—their beliefs and perceptions, their own story.

Remember, you can’t control the behavior of other people or how they perceive things or certain situations. What you CAN control is how you react to them and how you allow them to affect you.


5.  Feeling blue?

If you focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have and shift your attitude to being grateful—it will put you in a different state.

Open your heart to give—it’s proven that acts of kindness bring more joy and fulfillment to us.


6.  Make a plan.

If you’re trying to keep everything in your head don’t be surprised feeling overwhelmed…  Having a plan is a great holiday stress reliever.  Get clear on what exactly you need to accomplish. Make a list of all the things that need to get done for the holidays. Schedule your to-do’s on the calendar. Get it out on paper, onto the calendar, and you will literally feel the weight lift off your shoulders!

Get into action—just remember, take it one step at a time. Still overwhelmed with too much to do? What things can you delegate or eliminate?


7.  Stress, no stress, stress… You have a choice!

You know you can create your own stress, how about creating more peace, more joy, and more fun times instead? It’s a season for self-reflection and for connection with others. It’s up to you to make that happen.


The secret? The law of attraction says that what you put your energy and attention into is what you attract. Set your intention to have what you want more of, and get into action—put festive music on, light candles, sip some hot mulled cider, chat with a friend, watch an inspiring movie to get you into the holiday spirit.


Celebrate! Keep the fun and magic flowing!

May the holidays bring you lots of reasons to smile!



And… if you found this article helpful, please leave your comments below.  I’d love to hear from you:)




2 Responses to 7 Tips to Rock Your Holidays Without Stress

  1. Algaude says:

    Thank you, Kristina for helpful practical tips, I’m putting them into practice – they really work! And one more tip: less is more:D Less stuff, more peace of mind:)

    • Kristina says:

      Hi Algaude! So nice for hear from you! I love to hear that you’re putting things into practice:) That’s what changes things…
      And you know what? You’re absolutely right about the tip you’ve mentioned. This should be a bonus tip! I love it, because it reminds of European philosophy of life – it’s all about simplicity…

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