Success Stories…



Uma Maedke

Public Speaking Coach

San Francisco, CA

Before I started working with Kristina, I was struggling with so much stress in my life. I was feeling so overwhelmed by my schedule and my to do list that I basically never had time for myself. No matter what I tried, I was running from one appointment to the next, feeling worn out and exhausted.

I was so frustrated because I just couldn’t get out of this pattern of running myself into the ground. Naturally, that kind of lifestyle took a toll on me – I was feeling tired all the time, couldn’t sleep at night; I was constantly feeling anxious, sad, and was struggling with some health issues.

After working with Kristina, I have been able to find more balance and space in my schedule for self-care. Now I’m able to sleep fully at night and wake up feeling rested. I feel happier and more relaxed than I have been in a very long time. Not only do I feel more energetic and more excited about my day when I wake up in the morning but by making small yet powerful shifts, I have been able to create a life of balance and experience more joy and inner peace naturally.




Jolanta Sierra

Health Coach

Los Angeles, CA

I met Kristina at a networking event about a year ago. We were happy to learn that we are from the same country and we decided to get together for a cup of coffee later.

When we met, I told Kristina that I was extremely stressed out. Between my job, my business, and my personal life, I was constantly exhausted. I just felt powerless over my own destiny. I felt stuck in a rut with no hope of getting out.

She told me that she could help me since she helps other professionals with, not only reducing stress, but also empowering women to live healthier balanced, and more enjoyable … Read more



Michelle Ghilotti_MGI_200

Michelle Ghilotti

Branding Expert

Los Angeles, CA




Cari Marshall

Wellness Coach

Las Vegas, NV

“Kristina’s coaching has been very effective for me, not only in digging deep into my inner struggles/challenges and providing me with great insight but also in excellent goal setting strategies. If you’re struggling with setting goals, Kristina is the person to go to. It comes so natural to her. She will help you map out a solid action plan and will hold you accountable.

“I really enjoyed Kristina’s coaching style- I felt very comfortable to just be me and share whatever was in my heart to share. Her ability in navigating me through stressful situations and keeping me engaged and energized over our entire 12 weeks of coaching was remarkable. As a wellness coach myself, I would highly recommend her as a coach.”




Attila Albert

Coach for Media Professionals

Potsdam, Germany

“Kristina has been my life coach for twelve weeks. It has been great to work with her, because she knows the corporate world where I am, has a very practical, hands-on way of coaching. She is a very thorough listener and a great advicer. Her background in the medical field helps in many job-related issues, like stress prevention. I enjoyed our time and I got great results! I started my own business with her support and I improved my social life drastically. Thank you so much, Kristina!”




Sarah Horst

Health Coach

North Bend, OR

“I’ve just had a Strategy session with Kristina- apparently she was asking some great empowering questions that needed to be asked. I could tell how invested she was in other peoples journeys. It was refreshing for a change, because at times you wonder if you are just all alone or what!? Anyways, thanks for the mini journey today. I hope you are doing amazing with your coaching, Kristina! And thank you again for the kind words….”



David Weeks

Photographer, Artist

Las Vegas, NV

Dear Kristina,
I wanted to thank you for your great work, insight, compassion, and clarity that you brought to my life.
Your session today particularly brought me forward in my journey toward the desired goals of my life.
I was feeling stuck and unclear, and through your techniques, I am feeling more decisive and very clear on my next step. I look forward to working with you again.
David Weeks