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Kristina Simpson is a woman on a mission to help busy professionals live balanced, enjoyable, and stress-free lives. An entrepreneur, world traveler, certified professional health and lifestyle coach, she is the author of Free Yourself from the Cycle of Stress and 5 Secrets of Why Europeans Stress Less and is also a contributing writer for I Am Enough online magazine.

During a decade of treating cancer patients, Kristina witnessed firsthand the tragic effects of continuous stress and unbalanced living. After suffering burnout and adrenal fatigue due to demanding and stressful jobs, Kristina transformed her own lifestyle and developed a formula for living a healthy, stress-free, European-inspired life.

She believes there is a different way to have it all and enjoy it too. By integrating a holistic approach that includes optimum nutrition, mindset and lifestyle changes, she continues to give high-achieving women easy-to-follow steps for getting their energy, sanity and life back. Her unique approach combines more than fifteen years of medical experience, a background in biology and holistic modalities with the European philosophy of life.

Kristina is the founder and CEO of Success Without Stress and the creator of powerful holistic educational and coaching programs, including her flagship program From Burned-Out to Balanced & Beyond.

Today Kristina empowers women who are intensely driven, but completely overworked to create success without stress and revel in the adventure we call life. Though her clientele is diverse and come from all walks of life, their experiences working with Kristina are harmoniously similar. She simply radiates joy and her presence is known for creating an atmosphere of rejuvenation. Nothing brings her greater pleasure than helping others achieve incredible success without sacrificing their health, sanity or personal life.

Originally from Lithuania, Kristina makes her home in sunny Santa Monica, California. She knows self-care is paramount to success and, when she isn’t working, she boosts creativity by salsa dancing, gourmet cooking and soon she will be accompanying women to her fabulous and life-changing retreats in Italy.