It’s not something that we think of often but we do have the power to create the experience that we desire

I remember just last year feeling completely miserable around the holidays – probably one of the worst  holidays ever.  Why?  Because of the decisions that I was making.

Just two weeks before Christmas, I ended up in a beautiful city of San Francisco, where I didn’t know a soul.  I was living in a boutique hotel at one of the best places to be during the holiday season – the Union Square.  But the truth was even though I really tried to make the best out of my situation by going out to local restaurants and Christmas shopping, I was feeling extremely lonely.  And that was just because I made a decision to be available for my travel assignment (something similar to what nurse travelers do) – to fill in at the hospital because they were really short staffed for the holidays.  While I’m pretty adventurous and many times it has worked out pretty well, this time it was the loneliest time of the year.  Yes, the blue Christmas…

I was away from everyone I knew – my friends, my family, my home.  My new coworkers were rather friendly but it wasn’t enough time for us to really connect or get to know each other enough to be invited over for the holidays.  I tried my best – I decorated my hotel room with lights to make it feel more like home; I connected with my family over the Skype while they were having holiday meal; I went to a nice restaurant to treat myself to a delicious dinner and a glass of wine…  However,  no matter what I was doing I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that something was missing – I was still feeling down and lonely.


One year passed by and I have to tell you – I’ve learned my lesson!  I’ve had quite a few new decisions to make to really make my holidays so much better this year.  I am staying at home – and staying in touch and celebrating with friends and family.  Actually, I even organized a Meetup with the locals here in Los Angeles as a result of something spontaneous that came from sharing with a new acquaintance.  She mentioned that she had so many beautiful dresses in her closet collecting the dust and never getting the opportunity to wear them.  As soon as I heard that I jumped on the idea-  “Why don’t we pick one of our most beautiful dresses and go to celebrate the holiday season in a gorgeous, uplifting place in town?”.  We both immediately lit up just imagining trying on the dresses that we haven’t worn for years, or putting on the beautiful jewelry.

Holidays is the time for some glitz and glamor, that’s for sure.  It is a time for celebration!  So here we go, we just had a new meetup lined up “Hot & Glamorous for the Holidays.  Red Lipstick Required!”  Oh, yes, if we were gonna celebrate, we were gonna make it good!  You know, when women look good, they feel good – the dress up party was on!

I was just thinking…  We get so stressed out and exhausted with so much to do during the holidays…  But we really can turn things around and create a completely different experience for ourselves and those around us.  It’s just about making a decision to focus on what you really want your holidays to be.  Yes, let’s use this time for some introspection, tuning in with our desires.  What kind of experience do you want? Are you OK with feeling miserable or you would rather enjoy these few weeks instead?  And… then the next question would be “How?” and then taking the action.

Well, personally? I decided that it’s not so much about the shopping and the presents anymore.  I’m so happy to let this tradition go.  Well, presents for  kids, sure, but for adults – many people that I’ve talked to felt like it was such a burden and an obligation trying to please everyone.   So here is my thought – what if you talked to your family and friends to see if they would be ok to take a break this year and take time to enjoy themselves doing something different.  Maybe going to see a Christmas concert instead? Something that would uplift them up.  Yes, that’s exactly what I mean – instead of consuming things, why not enjoy an experience that would uplift your mood, your soul, and create a better connection with your loved ones…


Let me know what you think.

2 Responses to Feeling blue? Change your experience…

  1. Jolanta says:


    What a great article! Thank you for your inspiring idea about dressing up in best dress, just as the season calls for it. As I put on a beautiful holiday dress, I already feel in the holiday mood.

    What a great idea instead of more presents, that most of the time you cannot remember, give yourself a memorable gift, as concert or show to experience.

    Love your great Holiday ideas!


    • Kristina says:

      Thank you, Jolanta! It’s so nice reading your comments:)

      I’m so glad you enjoyed some of the ideas in the article. It’s kind of funny but the more holidays I get to experience year after year, I noticed that the only thing that really matters is creating a positive experience for others and yourself- by truly celebrating…

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