Summer is coming to an end… But did you really get to enjoy it?  Suffering from “too much work and no play” syndrome?

Time is flying faster than ever…  You know that sad feeling in the stomach that time is passing you by?  And we’re not getting any younger… In fact, there are scientific reasons why we have a sense of time speeding up as we age.  Just recently I came across a truly powerful article (written by Ron Friedman, Ph. D., social psychologist) that will really make you think!  Oh, and by the way, I’ve got so inspired by it that I just had to leave a comment. (In case you’re curious, here is what I said…- see the snapshot below):

No judgement. It’s just what it is…  We are very driven people.  It’s just that sometimes–we forget to live… And on top of that we get sucked into the corporate culture that values the bottom line-profit vs our well-being.

Coming from Europe–summer, vacation, travel and living life to the fullest is what lights me up. I LOVE talking about it and inspiring others to take action and go create the moments of bliss.

And now… I’ve got something very special for you!



The “Summer Bliss” Special is a complimentary 30 min Strategy Session ($125 value)–to brainstorm and strategize together how to make your summer unforgettable before it goes away…

I have 7 spots open for this week only AUG 2nd – AUG 9th, 2014.

No obligation, no strings attached.

I’ve got inspired to do this out of pure joy and excitement– because summertime and vacation is something I can’t stop talking about. And… I know how contagious is can be to others:))

It breaks my heart seeing so many people feeling exhausted, overworked and burned out. Believe me, I’ve been there… But I’ve got good news for you–it’s not going to happen this summer!

I felt it was my duty as a stress-free life expert and adrenal fatigue coach to do something to shake you up from being stuck in a rut and suffering all on your own.  And… I wanted to make it super-easy.  I created this opportunity for you to be listened to and feel supported.

It’s my gift to you, my dear friends, readers and fans.

So, if this excites you, let’s set up this 30 min call (via phone) and let’s day-dream!

Discover what really makes you feel alive this summer and be ready to check it off your list–just so you can say: “Oh Yes! Summer! Amazing! Done!”

Come back refreshed, re-energized, and be ready give your best in the months to come…


To claim your gift, simply CLICK HERE to access my online calendar and book your session now to guarantee your spot.

Have questions? Please email me at

It’s time to celebrate your summer like you mean it!

Celebrating summer the European way...

To YOUR Summer Adventure!


Talk to you soon!

Kristina Simpson

Author, Stress-free Life Expert & Adrenal Fatigue Coach


P.S. The offer is good AUG 2nd – AUG 9th, 2014

P.S. Can’t wait for your comments (below) or on Facebook!

Please share what lights you up? How you’re celebrating your summer?



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