how to improve your health by changing your genesIf you believe that your genes determine your life and your health, and feel that you have no control over it, then this article is for you, especially if you like science.

Having had the chance to attend the annual Women’s Wellness Conference here in California and by listening to top natural health experts, I’ve learned some fascinating facts. I’ve become newly inspired by all of the latest discoveries in natural health care. I’m applying them to my own health and advising my clients of these cutting-edge breakthroughs as well.

Today I want to present you with a new idea, the science of epigenetics.


I’m giving you a choice of watching a video of a lively interview of two well-known people in the health industry: David Wolfe, nutrition expert and Dr. Bruce Lipton the author of The Biology of Belief. Or, if you prefer you can read a “quick summary” of their highly insightful interview here.


how to improve your health by changing your genesAfter earning a degree in biology I spent years in the medical field before I finally became completely burned out due to stress. I then found myself obsessed with discovering everything I could about the effects of stress and the natural ways to manage and overcome it. This is how I became a health/life coach in stress management or what some call a “stress-free life expert”. So discussing genes and stress is definitely my cup of tea these days, especially with all the new scientific discoveries. 🙂


In the 12-minute video interview I learned that there are two modes of survival: growth and protection:

  • Growth is when you take something in – when you’re open to the environment, and you function at your optimum best.
  • Protection is when you shut yourself down to protect yourself. Cells try to protect themselves when the environment poses a threat or is not supportive.

Apparently, you can’t be in both growth and protection modes (open and closed) simultaneously. If your environment is not supportive, your protective mechanism will kick in, and this comes at the cost of your growth (your normal, optimal functioning).


Imagine a tiger chasing you, which would be an external threat. All of your resources and energy would be focused on only one activity, running from the tiger as fast as possible since your life-sustaining reflexes will have kicked in.

This means your energy reserves can’t be utilized for other bodily functions such as your immune system, digestion or reproduction (good luck losing weight or getting pregnant when you’re under stress) simply because they become non-essential compared to the threat posed by your life being in immediate danger.

In order to conserve energy to equip your body to “run from the tiger” and survive, your immune system that protects you from threats on the inside (e.g. bacterial infections) gets shut down.  It’s no wonder that about 90% of the health problems we experience are due to stress…


We are taught that genes control our cells, which basically means that we don’t control our lives. However experiments confirm some fascinating facts that show there are more factors affecting our cells than just our genes. Professor Lipton shared that while he was performing his experiments using enucleation, when the nucleus (the part of the cell where all the genes are located) was removed from the cell, the cells lived for three or more months without the genes! That was solid proof that the nucleus is not the “brain” of the cell, but the part meant for cell reproduction.

It is the skin (the interphase between the inside and the outside) that reads what’s taking place on the inside and on the outside, and makes the necessary adjustments. Skin is the membrane that interacts with the world.

Apparently, when the human embryo is being formed, one of the three layers, the ectoderm (the outer layer), forms the skin and the neural system which means they both have the same origin. It is your nervous system (derived from the skin while the embryo is developing) that monitors environmental signals, interprets them, and creates the appropriate response(s).

the cutting edge science of epigenetics with dr. Bruce Lipton


Basically what that means… are you ready for this? It’s not the genes that control our life. We have a lot more power than we’ve been taught we do! We’re the masters of our genes because we can control our environment. This means we can control the fate of our cells!

In fact, it’s not only the environment directly that we can control but also our perception of the environment. If we perceive our environment as stressful or threatening, even if it’s not, we’ll enter into the mode of being stressed-out, shutting down our immune system and we’ll be prone to getting sick. Therefore, being aware of how we perceive what’s happening is the key. It’s all about our mindset. It’s very simple; we just need to learn to change our perceptions and response to life.

Dr. Lipton further explains that the cell’s fate is controlled by two things: the direct environment and our perception of our environment. He goes on to say “If you change your beliefs, you’ll change your genetics!”


Scientists have discovered that by just meditating for few hours certain genes turn on and off.

There was a study conducted on prostate cancer patients in San Francisco and the subjects were divided into two groups: one group received conventional treatment, and other group watched their diet, learned stress reduction techniques, and integrated meditation into their daily lives. Within 90 days the functions of 500 different genes in the second group of subjects (that changed their lifestyles) showed noticeable changes. This was achieved just by them changing their lifestyle. Interestingly enough, most of those genes were contributing to the prostate cancer they were fighting.


You can heal yourself from illness just by changing your lifestyle; by watching what you eat, learning stress reduction techniques, meditating daily, and by changing your beliefs and attitudes. These changes will change your genes and you’ll become healthy once again.

It’s all about our belief system; if you believe that your genes dictate your life then you’re a victim because you’ve given away your power.

It’s about understanding that the cause is not the genes, the cause is how you respond to the world (yes, you have more power than you think!).

It’s about knowing that you can empower yourself to be healthy and stress-free no matter what if you choose so!


Once unrecognized, epigenetics is now the proven science. And that’s good news for us!

This is what I’m here to support you in; changing your mindset, your habits and your lifestyle so that you can be healthy and vibrant, full of energy, and enjoy your life to the fullest!


Again, click here for the original VIDEO Interview.



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