“Everything that is coming into your life- you’re attracting into your life…”  ~Bob Proctor

Kristina Simpson Bday 2014It’s February–my Birthday month, and as I felt so blessed and grateful for everything I have in my life, I’ve got inspired to write to you and offer something special.

At the same time, it happened that Bob Proctor, a man from the movie, “The Secret” had his seminar in LA the same weekend as my birthday.

Surprisingly, years before I even knew about “The Secret,” I’ve lived it, I’ve experienced it, and I’ve seen miracles happen in my own life. So, I just had to attend his event!  At the end of the seminar, I felt simply blown away and I’ve got re-inspired beyond belief. I knew the Law of Attraction worked but now I knew why and how to make it work in my life again.

Now I have the “double” dose of inspiration to write to you and extend my special gift to you.

But right now, I wanted to share some of my discoveries with you first.

Research shows that stress ages us, sabotages our careers, weight-loss efforts, poisons our relationships, and… makes us really sick.

The question is: HOW CAN WE CREATE A BETTER LIFE– a life of joy, health and happiness instead?

There is something interesting that I have noticed – most people, women in particular, don’t even know what they really want. And the reason is that we are too busy working, constantly feeling exhausted, over-scheduled and overextended, we don’t even have time or energy to think about our disintegrating life!

Nowadays we are under pressure most of the time. The last thing we want is to daydream or tune into our true desires. All we think of is how to cope and how to survive yet another day. And… that is not what life should be like…  I have made it my mission to do something about it – to make change – so you can start living your life again.

Bob Proctor_movie the SecretAt Bob Proctor’s 3-day seminar, I learned that in order to create different results from the ones that we’re currently experiencing, we must be in positive emotional state.

And this is critical! Notice:

What emotional statenegative or positive – are you in on a daily basis?

What are your predominant thoughts?

Don’t be surprised that you’re getting exactly what you’re thinking about. Why?  Because, the Law of Attraction says: when you think the same thought over and over again, that same thing will happen to you over and over again.  Positive thoughts attract positive things. And negative thoughts attract more of the negative things.

The secret lies in the mental image that you’re holding in your mind every single day. Do you paint a picture (in your mind) of what your current reality is and constantly complaining?  Or a picture of better life, the life that you really want to be living, feeling excited and grateful for it?

Movie "The Secret"

“The Secret” movie

You can choose whatever you want to attract into your life.

If you want to discover more of these amazing “secrets” to unlock all the good things in life– watch “The Secret”. It’s such a great resource! It is a movie that will change your life figuratively and literally. If you haven’t seen it, I promise, it will blow your mind away… (click here to watch it

Can you see how it’s all related?  As long as you keep experiencing stress, restlessness and keep on running yourself to the ground, nothing will change. You’re constantly experiencing negative emotions – because you’re tired, you’re stressed out, feeling irritated, anxious, worried or even depressed.  It’s almost impossible to get out of that cycle of stress until you do something about it.

And that’s where my solution comes in – it’s only when you’re able to reduce, or eliminate stress that you can feel relaxed and experience more positive emotions. Only then that you’ll be able to access your true desires, so you can be freed from whatever negative circumstances you’re in and start creating a better life for yourself.

That’s my BIG reason why I’m inviting you to my complimentary SAVOR YOUR LIFE session.

I will help you to:

  • Get the crystal-clear picture of the kind of life you want this year
  • Discover the #1 reason that is stopping you from living stress-free life
  • Find out the essential steps for creating more energy, more ease, and more time for yourself
  • Identify the most powerful actions that will move you from feeling depleted and hating your life towards healthy, sane, balanced, full of adventure, a richer and more meaningful life

I am doing this because I feel strongly that this is what I’m supposed to do–to extend my time, my energy, my talents and knowledge, and offer that to those who need it.

I feel this is my version of taking a leap of faith- because deep inside I know that I’m destined to make a difference in this world. And this is the time that I’m stepping out letting you know what offer I have for you right now.

You’ll know if it speaks to you… You’ll know if this is the time to reach out for help.

Get your gift now!  It's available Feb 21st–March 8th, 2014

Hurry Up!
Your gift is available Feb 21st–March 8th, 2014

It’s my FR*EE gift to you, coming from my heart. It came out of gratitude and from great inspiration to make a difference.

This gift is to you if you’re so passionate about what you do but feel burned out, overworked, and struggling everyday with un-ending pressure to make it through the day. That is not life.  That’s just survival

You can live so much better–having more time, more joy, feeling more relaxed, more balanced, and living in the flow – something that all women crave for.

Let’s explore what your healthy, stress-free life might look like this year.  Let’s get clear on what you really want to see in your life.

I’m opening my heart, my time, and my schedule.

I’m extending my offer to you first before anybody else. Because you’re a subscriber to my newsletter and because you took time to read this article right now, I wanted to extend my support to you first. I know these sessions won’t last for long–as I was able to open up my time only for the next two weeks, Feb 21 – Mar 8th.

Are you ready to take a leap of faith, and get one step closer towards the life that you really want?

So, if you’re ready to kiss your stress good-bye and start living the life that you really want, you know what to do.

"Savor Your Life" sessionIf you feel this is for you, please, CLICK HERE  to schedule your appointment with me and reserve your spot now.  Sessions are limited, so claim your complimentary “Savor Your Life” Discovery Session ($150 value) today!

Let me leave you with one of my favorite quotes from “The Secret” movie:

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” ~Joseph Campbell


P.S.  If you know someone who will benefit from this article and my gift, please pass it on.  You know better who really needs this. Thank you so much.

Let’s make this world a better place to live…


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