The New Year 2014 has arrived!  A new year inspires us to change something – or things – about ourselves, our lives, our futures, to make them better. It’s a valuable time for reflecting on self-improvement. It is the reason to leave what wasn’t working behind and to see what can be.

It is also about not giving up.  It’s about starting fresh and starting over. It’s about a new hope and a new opportunity.   The New Year gives us another chance to make it right

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Did you know research has shown that people who explicitly make New Year’s resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain them than people who don’t (according to the Journal of Clinical Psychology)?

Why? Because setting goals really matters. If that is true, then why do so many people fail to keep their resolutions?

Because they don’t have a PLAN! They don’t know how to take ACTION! Let’s face it: all the good intentions in the world will not help if you do not create a workable plan.

It is just too easy to become distracted, to give up and to fall back into old habits – the very habits that got you right where you are today. Don’t let your resolutions just fizzle out.

To be honest, I’ve invested a lot of time and money learning the life-changing secrets that I teach. It has taken me years to get to where I am today, but it was worth it. Why? Because even though it wasn’t easy, it taught me how to push past the barriers, to overcome the inertia and really take control.

I know what it is like to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have experienced the serious consequences of stress taking a toll on my health and my life.  Now that I’ve learned the secrets of how to escape this vicious cycle,  I am passionate about living life to the fullest and helping others to do the same.

That is why I have partnered with a successful nutrition coach to help you avoid the mistakes that I made.

Together, we are here to teach you and support you so that you can finally live the life you have dreamed about – the life you have longed for – the life that has always seemed to be just out of reach.

This workshop was specifically created to show you how stress affects your weight-loss efforts, how you can lose weight easily and naturally, and what to do to have your New Year’s goals become a reality.


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Learn to:

  • STOP self-sabotage
  • Create a winning strategy
  • Create the action steps that will make this year the year you finally move ahead
  • Learn a simple way to lose five lbs. in five days
  • Empower your life with the secrets and strategies that will help you succeed –   even if you have failed over and over in the past
  • Learn the top three mistakes that derail weight loss (and find out how to avoid them)

You will discover:

*  How Stress is Sabotaging Your Efforts at Losing Weight

*  The European Secrets to Start Dropping Pounds Easily and Naturally

* The Top 3 Obstacles that Stop You from Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions

*  The #1 Most Important Thing You Can Do to Be Successful in Achieving Your Goals this Year

If you are in Los Angeles, CA, you need to attend this workshop! Seating is limited. Book your spot now! Stop dreaming and start living!

Tuesday, January 7th @ My Fit Foods (see the flyer above for more info). If you can’t make it, please forward this message to your friends who you think will benefit from this workshop.

Let’s make sure your New Year’s resolutions will happen in 2014!

“Ideas not acted upon create nothing. Only implementation creates results.” ~Douglas Vermeeren


To the New Year!


Stress–Free Life Expert

P.S. This is the most recent Workshop that was specifically created to address the topic of holidays and weight-loss.


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